Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011


oh my gosh
seriously , i was surprised if this blog is mine.. how can i write junk post like that which share about fuckin crap?
ahhaha.. i hope no one read this blog,, but i know it was many ppl visit me

Okey than,.,
Happy new year!
hope this year indonesia gettin better
n wish the best for everything :)

Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011


I wish god makes my heart numb..
cuz my friends always mocking me i'm easy to hurt, pain etc
n cuz of i'm easy to broken when loving someone..

I'll do the best with my zero experience, i'll learn more more more than what u learn
thanks to make me burning.

Sabtu, 23 April 2011

can u hear me

i dunno what i feel now.. but it so hurt when i dream my father , my father who's RIP olredi... he was angry n didn't say anything om my dream.. i know i have many mistakes.. but please forgive me.. i always pray for u everyday n thinking bout u every single time ..

Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

I dunno

I knoe god if someday my story will b sad ending, because im too happy right now
But i have little wishes, If tat day comin.. I hope god can change me b a strong woman

Selasa, 23 November 2010

love this lyric so much

바람꽃 (baramkkoc) – ( WindFlower)

*OST The Great Queen Seon Deok – Yushin and Deokman –*

이대로 돌아설 거면 사라질 거면
idaero doraseol geomyeon sarajil geomyeon

If I turn my back like this, If I disappear

피어나지 않았어
pieonaji anhasseo

I wouldn’t come into bloom

이렇게 바라보면서 숨이 막히면
ireoke barabomyeonseo sumi makhimyeon

If I just look at you like this

눈을 감은 살아도 좋을까
nuneul gameun chae sarado joheulkka

It might be good to live with my eyes closed

보지 않아도 보여서
boji anhado boyeoseo

Without looking, I see you

듣지 않아도 들려서
deutji anhado deullyeoseo

Without listening I hear you

그대 숨결에 다시 살아난 바람꽃처럼
geudae sumgyeore dasi saranan baramkkoccheoreom

Like a wind flower which revived by your breathing

가고 싶어도 가는
gago sipeodo mot ganeu

I wish to reach you, but I can’t

안고 싶어도 안는
ango sipeodo mot anneun

I wish to hold you, but I can’t

그대 손끝이 맘에 닿으니
geudae sonkkeuchi nae mame daheuni

Your fingertips reach my heart

밤이 지나고 나면 알까
gin gin bami jinago namyeon alkka

Will you know, after long long night?

눈물 속에 웃고 있는 사랑을
nunmul soge utgo inneun sarangeul

The love smiling in tears

잡고 싶어도 잡는 가고 싶어도 가는
japgo sipeodo mot jamneun gago sipeodo mot ganeun

I wish to catch you, but I can’t, I wish to reach you, but I can’t

그대 마음에 다시 살아난 바람꽃처럼
geudae maeume dasi saranan baramkkoccheoreom

Like a wind flower which revived in your heart

보지 않아도 보여서 듣지 않아도 들려서
boji anhado boyeoseo deutji anhado deullyeoseo

Even I don’t see you, I saw you Even I don’t hear you, I heard you

바람에 실려 흩어져 날리며
barame sillyeo heuteojyeo nallimyeo

Getting scattered in the wind

그대 마음에 흩어져 날리며
geudae maeume heuteojyeo nallimyeo

Senin, 22 November 2010


If I just look at u like this,It might be good to live with my eyes closed
Without looking, I see u..Without listening I hear you
Like a wind flower which revived by ur breathing
I wish to reach u, but I can’t..I wish to hold u, but I can’t
ur fingertips reach my heart
...Will u know, after long long night?..The love smiling in tears

Minggu, 21 November 2010


im so sad..
im so hurt..